We offer an extensive and complete selection of RF Component and Antenna System Kits for complete antenna system installations, RF site antenna equipment upgrades as well as for radio site maintenance and repair work. We also provide a wide selection of mounting and site installation hardware, grounding kits and weather protection supplies.

SQUARE IMAGE 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.jpg


Wide availability of RF connectors for Low Density Foam (LDF), Superflex, LMR, RG and other specialized types of transmission line including RF cable for tactical applications.

1 Arrestor A 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png


Ample selection of lightning arrestor for RF Site protection applications including both standards and Low-PIM and in many combinations of N and DIN-type connectors.

ANTENNA A 150 dpi 4 x 4 in - SINGLE PIC.


Broad line of base station and repeater antennas for fixed and mobile sites. Dipoles, Collinear, Omni, Directional, H-Pattern and high-gain Yagi antennas for every application possible.

Andrew Tool A 150 dpi 4 x 4 in - MD Size


A line of field prep and install tools is also available for many of the products listed above including Heliax, LDF, LMR, RG and other types of RF coaxial line and connectors.

Tx Lines A 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png


RF Coaxial cable (LDF) for 1/4", 1/2", 7/8", 1 1/4", 1 5/8", LMR-100, LMR-200, LMR-400, LMR-600 and many types of RG-XXX cable types.

Jumper Cable A - 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png


RF Coaxial 1/4", 1/2" LDF cable jumpers with N, DIN, SMA, BNC, Mini-UHF in any combination in 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 15 ft lengths. Pre-Assembled RF Cable in user-defined lengths.

EMR DUPLEXER 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png


We offer an extensive line of factory-direct RF Signal Conditioning equipment including RF Duplexers, Combiners, Multicouplers, Isoplexers, and Custom Filtering Systems.

Grounding Kit A 150 dpi 4 x 4 in.png


We also carry grounding kits, grounding hardware, wire and related components as well as field tools and test equipment. You can rely on us for all of your RF site installation work.

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